Personal Responsibility

So my first post will be about personal responsibility.  I have a little back story to go along with this.  Yesterday I went to Best Buy to return a product I purchased about a week ago and of course I had to wait in line to return it, not that I’m not a patient person, I just hate the fact you have only one person working the customer service desk.  Any ways, as I am standing there I’m noticing it is taking more time than usual to do a return.  I begin to focus on the conversation between the woman and the Best Buy associate and apparently the woman failed to execute enough common sense to read the return policy on her receipt and it turned out that she was past the 15 day return policy and she wasn’t happy about that.  She begin to argue with the associate and eventually the associate had to get a manager and after she argued with the manager he gave her the refund.  And I’m standing there frustrated, a business formulated a return policy of 15 days, which in my opinion is long enough for electronics, and this woman just refused to follow the rules and refused to take responsibility for her actions.  It wasn’t Best Buy’s fault you didn’t return it within the 15 days, it was yours.  She made that decision and Best Buy caved in because she threw a fit and acted like a 12 year old little girl.  I understood the manager’s situation, I was a store manager for electronics retailer recently and on multiple occasions we would have customers come in and try and return a item past the return policy and I told them no, and they would throw a fit and I would tell them no.  So they would call my district manager and bitch and moan and demand a refund and you know what?  They would refund them, all because we want to keep customers.  The basic principal of responsibility is non-existent any more, we prioritize feelings more than upholding the rules and/or laws.  It’s just sad to live in a country where everything is someone else’s fault or it’s not my job or this or that, it’s so exhausting.  That’s my vent for today.


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