The Next Bus to Canada

So it seems there is a new trend sweeping across this country.  Countless number of people are pledging to move to Canada if Donald Trump becomes the next president. Now I understand the frustration associated with Trump, he is a dumpster fire.  Seems a common believe amongst the people that will leave this country if he is elected is that such groups as the KKK will rise up and gain control over people and that he will send anyone with a skin color different than white to concentration camps. They believe that he will somehow send this country rocketing to its death.

Apparently these people are living in a separate reality than everyone else.  My question to them is if you are planning to leave because you believe Donald Trump as president will ruin everything then why haven’t you left yet? Have you not noticed that we are not the greatest country on this earth. The United States ranks 14th in Education and 24th in literacy, on a daily basis almost 16 million children go to bed hungry, over 47,000 veterans are homeless.  The United States doesn’t even clear the top 10 in quality of infrastructure.

People die everyday because they cannot afford the medical care to keep them alive. So what do you think Donald Trump is going to do that isn’t already happening already? We don’t even clear the top 25 in infant mortality rates and these people worry about what Trump is going to do.  What I listed is just the tip of the iceberg so why not just leave now, it’s obvious that this country is in a horrendous state.  The reason you don’t leave is because you think one man will change everything, you think if someone else is elected that reflects your beliefs and ideas that everything will be a-ok and that life will be perfect. It’s not happening now and it didn’t happen 20 years ago.


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